Software team established

Programming team at work in Rusty Hut at UBC

With the help of John Kine, our software team advisor, David, Andrew, Josh, Mattias, and Dirk started out the first software testing for this year. On Saturday they tested out the mockup outside by walking it around a mock course that we set up on a field at UBC. The test was a moderate success, we had some bugs with the navigation code that turned out to be caused by human error, and the station keeping code had a similar problem. We will have to repeat these tests again to remove some of our mistakes.

We then got Josh set up with the code off of SVN. John and David worked on the encoder and got the counting working really well, but serial communication still needs some work.

Andrew and John testing the mockup and code

On the boat construction Don, Neil, and Kristoffer worked on further strengthening the carbon fibre hull, conducting waterproof testing on the hull, and started planning for the new deck that we are making. Things are really starting to get going for this years UBC SailBot team! See more pictures over on our Flickr-album:

Neil and Don prepping the hull for further strengthening


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