Transom and bow in place

Adrian showing samples of deck material

Thanks to the help of Adrian, Kristoffer, Don Martin, and David Cramb we made good progress on the work session for boat construction, January 28:

The glass fibre bow of the new 2012 UBC SailBot

1. Bow

Because of flexible mounting properties the bow is made with multiple layers of glass fibre and resin. The bow will further be reinforced with a stronger, more shock absorbing bumper later in the project.

Transom in place

2. Transom

Thanks to David Crambs excellent measurements we fully made and mounted the carbon fibre transom so that the new boat finally has a closed bow and aft.

Carbon fibre deck manufacturing

3. Deck construction

For the last part of the work session we worked on the deck for the 2012 UBC SailBot. To ensure proper and easy fabrication of the deck a lot of the time was spent on making the construction-stand for the deck. The deck will be made of a carbon fibre sandwich panel with honeycomb core and carbon fibre face sheets (see picture on top of blog post), and will have mountings for all the major components of the new sailbot, including the all new on-board GPS system. For a smooth transition to the rest of the hull a thin carbon fibre tube will be inserted into the edges of the deck panel.

See more pictures at the Flickr-set:


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