Tiny pulleys

David Cramb (team mentor), Greg, and Kristoffer, with Thunderbird 2012

We started this week strong with what we thought was a more or less ready hull and deck that could be easily put together. But, like any other project, it doesn’t completely go like we thought it would. There are still a lot of small things that must be in place before we can reach the milestone of joining the deck and hull together, but we are getting closer and closer every week now. Here are some of the things we worked on this week:

Neil making tiny pulleys

Tiny pulleys for Thunderbird 2012

A small sailboat need small pulleys, and Neil heroically took on the task of assembling new pulleys for Thunderbird 2012. As you can see by the picture, these pulleys are tiny, but very important if we want to do any sailing with our new boat.

Simulation of keel in Matlab

While the rest of us were working on the construction of Thunderbird 2012, Adrian was busy designing a major part of our project; our brand new keel made entirely out of carbon. Last year we used two materials to make an awesome keel for the Thunderbird 2011, but this year we want to push the sailbot design even further by making the keel even better with the use of only one material. This kind of component is will have to handle a lot of force on it, and it’s therefor very important to design it well. With the help of a Matlab simulation of the new keel, Adrian got closer and closer to getting our keel ready for production.

As always, more pictures can be found in our Flickr-account: http://www.flickr.com/photos/69199862@N03/


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