Thunderbird 2012 painted

Ladies and Gentlemen, behold the Thunderbird 2012 sailbot back from painting. It’s white, and it looks amazing!

From now on it’s going to be a lot of small things being fixed so that the boat is ready for the competition in June. This includes getting ready all the sails, the keel, and bulb. We have made the Thunderbird 2012 so that it will be able to sail with the 2011 keel, bulb, and sails. Even though the old components are not tailored towards the new boat, we can use them for the initial on-water testing of the Thunderbird 2012, which eases the boat construction teams job a little.

Unfortunately, we had an issue with the connection for the GPS inside the boat shortly after it returning from painting. Some of the pins in the connection seemed to be bent, a very big problem since the placement of this connection is very hard to get to inside the boat. Luckily, Mike had a great idea of using the iPhone Facetime feature to videocall his computer for us to look at the problem inside the boat. After hours of “boat surgery”, Mike managed to fix the connection without us having to cut open the GPS well. It’s amazing how this new technology can be used to solve all kinds of problems! Check out below for Mike “the surgeon” in action:

Mike performing "boat surgery"

A very problematic GPS connection

Also check out the Thunderbird 2012 together with proud team members:

Greg and Neil with Thunderbird 2012

Greg and Don Martin with Thunderbird 2012

See more pictures from this week in UBC SailBot in our Flickr album:


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