Sailing with new rig

Today we had a very nice on-water testing session with the all new medium size rig for Thunderbird 2012. This rig will be ideal for less-than-perfect wind conditions, but today showed that it can also handle a little wind very nicely. We further worked on the PID, though we most likely will need at least another session to fully complete this work. Getting the PID testing is pretty important so that the boat can maneuverer most effectively.

Also notice that the rig today have the sponsors for this years UBC SailBot team. We could not do this project without their support!

In the last boat construction session we worked on installing the new turnbuckles for the shrouds on Thunderbird 2012. The old turnbuckles proved to be way to small and hard to work with, especially since we have interchangeable sails and we want to switch quickly between them. All the way from Great Britain the new turnbuckles came, bigger and more robust than the old ones. We even got some color on them, red on port side and green on starboard side!

Old turnbuckles

New turnbuckles.



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