End of Term Presentations

As UBC SailBot ends the term for it’s team members to focus on their exams, we had some excellent presentations from all subteams. The presentations focused on what the subteams had been working on during this school term. A lot of very impressive work!

In the Control Theory team they have ported most of the autonomous code over to our new programming platform to make it faster to make changes in our control theory. They have also developed the framework around communication between microcontrollers onboard, and wireless communication from the sailbot to the onshore control systems.

The Hardware team have been hard at work spec’ing and ordering the electronics for the next sailbot, with most of the electronics on it’s way to Vancouver as we speak. As the electronics are en route, they have also made significant progress in setting up the electronics workstation at our UBC workshop, custom DIY power supplies are amongst the interesting things they have been working on.

The User Interface team now has an extremely good foundation for the totally revamped user interface for the next sailbot. Base functions of the user interface are fully operational, the user interface relying on all open source web standards to make it an amazing platform for an expandable user interface.

The Mechanical team, as the hardware team, have designed, spec’ed and ordered all components necessary for making yet another great sailbot. This year we are really focusing on making the next sailbot as simple, yet effective, as we can. By doing this we will have a smaller risk of water entering our electronics bay. One of the last things the Mechanical team was working on this year was prepreg layout of carbon fiber plates, check out the images below.


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