Fabrication of new deck started

As we entered the new year, UBC SailBot also entered a new stage for this years project as we have now officially started the fabrication of the new Sailbot. As first stage of fabrication we have started making the deck.

The deck for the new Sailbot is going to house an all-new waterproof box for electronics, and a revised placement of sailwinch and rudder-servo. With this new design we will have one compartment to house all electronics, which will greatly add to our ability to keep water from coming in by making this compartment as good as possible. Last year we had three compartments with electronics inside, making waterproofing much harder than what it will be this year. Also new on this year’s deck is a better attachment system for the keel, which is one of the most delicate tasks when assembling the Sailbot for sailing to avoid water escaping into the boat. With this new attachment system we are anticipating that it will be much easier to keep the inside of the boat waterfree.


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