Sailing strategy workshop

This weekend the Control subteam and the User Interface subteam had an excellent sailing strategy meeting with our mentor, Don Martin. In Don’s own words; “It takes two hours to learn how to sail, and 50 years to do it well.” The Control and UI guys had a very good turnout for this meeting, and it seemed like a lot of the team members were keen on learning the details of sailing strategy. This meeting proved very useful for many new team members in learning how our SailBot actually sails as well as it does, and the meeting will form as a basis for how the Control team will implement the sailing strategy into the new sailing logic.

In other news, these are the main things that the subteams have been working on this week:

The Mechanical team used their worksession to mainly cut out carbon for hull fabrication. The hull-mold is pretty much ready for carbon layup now, so some big news about this is just around the corner.

The Hardware team are busy tidying up the electronics to make everything fit together neatly. Going for presentation points on this one! Also, one team member in the hardware team have been working closely together with the Control team to get the new wind encoder up and running.


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