Hull Layup start… and finish

New and old.

This week has been very productive for the UBC SailBot team. As you can see above, this week we both started and finished the hull layup. The awesome people over at CRN guided us through the steps required to perform a proper wet layup of the carbon fibre, resulting in a far superior hull than we have ever had. All the effort that went into the preparation of the layup will really pay itself in that this new hull will require a lot less sanding and after-work than before.

Over in the hardware team we properly organized the electronics package to make everything fit into its waterproof box in the deck. Although this took some creative tweaking to some of the electronics original cases (USB-hub is now missing its case), its definitely much more organized now. Now we just have to put this baby in the new SailBot!

Building upon the great sailing strategy meeting last weekend, the controls team had yet a very good workshop focusing on the basic sailing logic needed to make our next SailBot work as advertised. Amongst other things, some really good effort went into figuring out the sailing logic of the stationkeeping, and all logic functions in the code have now been planned out.


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