Progress Report March 5, 2013

Below is a little excerpt from the progress we have made recently at UBC SailBot:

The mechanical team is busy working on both keel and finishing up the last little bits of the foredeck. Soon the fore deck, main deck and hull will be joined together to make up our newest robotic sailboat. Our latest time estimates dictates that the boat will be ready for painting around end of March.

Over in the electronics group we are finishing up the final pieces to the puzzle. This involves such things as cutting all the wires to the right size and doing final measurements. The remaining parts of the electronics are to make the Wifi-antenna and get Ad-hoc up and running properly on our Raspberry Pi server. Finally, we need to mount all the electronics in our raceboat.

Both the User Interface subteam and the Control Theory subteam are keeping themselves busy implementing their GUI and sailing code onto our mockup for onshore testing. Parallel to this they are also testing all systems using a sailing simulator Josh and David have made. This sailing simulator provides the sailing code generated wind conditions so that we can better check that the sailing logic and user interface are working hand in hand. The first challenge to be implemented in the mockup and further in the raceboat is a simple point to point route in a variety of wind conditions. While this may seem like a small task, the reality is that most other challenges are fundamentally based on this point to point sailing logic, so it is going to be a huge step forward to have this challenge running on physical hardware, not just in our simulator.

Stay tuned for more updates soon.


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