Electronics layout #3 complete

Final layout with our amazing Hemisphere GPS on top.

A second big milestone was hit this week as electronics layout number three, the final raceboat layout, was completed. We now have the core electronics ready for the mechanical team to install it in the raceboat. As you can see on the photo above, the electronics fit perfectly on the plastic piece that will go inside the waterproof electronics box. This year the electronics box have been designed from the ground up to be simpler and much more waterproof. We don’t have to worry about having the boat full of waterproof connectors as all the electronics will be housed in one single, well-built box. This enables us to make changes and even replace malfunctioning electronic components to the electronics as we go. See the actual box on the picture below.

Our famous electronics box.

And over in the mechanical team we continuing the good pace we have been going at lately. We are now 90% done with the deck, and 75% done with the keel. This means that we will soon have the foredeck and main deck installed on the hull ready for painting. We are expecting to be on the water with the raceboat at the end of March.

Rudder servo placement.


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