Thunderbird III (2013) Wired

Want to see the all new, completed electronic package on Thunderbird III? – Just flip over the deck hatch holding the GPS board and have a look.


Outside the electronics bay:  from bottom of the photo: Sail winch, next deck hatch forward – rudder servo, left – Hemisphere GPS board, LIPO battery (taken from its’ hatch in front of the mainsheet post).

In the electronics bay – top to bottom: Voltage regulator 5 volts – 8 amps, WIFI USB dongle, Raspberry PI computer, GPS shifter module, APM microprocessor board, USB / APM adapter.

YES, this boat does have a ton of computing power!

Out of frame: Windsense mast with the wind direction encoder and R/C antenna, WIFI antenna embedded in the backstay, transom mounted flash voltage readout.

Other electronic  items: NONE

The boat has a single watertight electronics bay which is 4 ½” wide, 2 ½” deep and 29” long – running from the transom forward.


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