Thunderbird 2013 on her way to Massachusetts!

Last time we saw TB 2013 in Washington before UPS took care of the shipping to Massachusetts.

A lot has happened at UBC SailBot since last blog post… the Thunderbird 2013 is currently on it’s way to Gloucester, MA! Yes, somewhere in the US the people at UPS are taking her to the International Robotic Sailboat Regatta for us. The rest of the competition team will leave for Massachusetts on Thursday, June 6th, to get some good days of final preparation on site in Gloucester before the competition officially begins on June 9th.

A lot of things have to go into these shipping boxes… we are shipping 225 lbs!

The team rigging TB 2013 for the last sail in Vancouver

Leading up to the shipping date a lot of things had to come together. We managed to wrap up our testing phase successfully, had an official showcase of Thunderbird 2013 at Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, and got TB 2013 and all her support equipment over the border to be shipped out from Washington. We are very confident in the performance of the Thunderbird 2013 and the crew that will support her during her stay in Massachusetts.

We had an audience!

Tobias helping out with the rigging.

Let us see what Gloucester and the International Robotic Sailing Regatta has to offer us.

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She is pretty!

See you soon, TB 2013!


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