New look and content of

A new season is not a reality unless we have a new website content! Check out the changes we have made recently:

1. Simplified

We have simplified the website a lot, making it easier to find relevant information. We have organized the following four pages in addition to our blog:

  • How You Can Help -> How companies and individuals can donate to the team.
  • The Challenge -> Information about the International Robotic Sailing Regatta and the MicroTransat
  • What We Do -> Information about our project
  • Who We Are -> The team behind the project

2. New design

As you can see, the website now has a beautiful, new design. This will make our website much more enjoyable to read. It should also make it easier to read our blog on a mobile device.

3. More donation features

In addition to donations from companies, we are now to able to accept donations from individuals through our collaboration with UBC`s Start an Evolution donation website. This makes individual donations very easy to happen: just fill in your donation amount, your credit card details, and your mailing address to be able make a donation and receive a tax receipt from UBC! We hope you consider helping us make this amazing project come true!
Check out all the details on our How You Can Help section.


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