Introduction to the GUI

by Arek Sredzki and Eleanor Wong

We want to make tracking the UBC Sailbot’s progress in crossing the Atlantic an activity that anyone in the public can partake in. In light of this, we have started work on a clean, simple, and yet still functional site design.  The design was inspired by the recent trend of minimalism.  These are some preliminary mockups for the transatlantic boat GUI for a widescreen monitor and a mobile phone.  We aimed for a simplistic design that will allow us to incorporate more information without cluttering the page.  On the tracking page, we plan to display real time statistics such as: current wind speed, average velocity (last 24 hours and total), distance traveled, distance to finish line, and the elapsed duration of the voyage.  This statistical info will keep the public interested and allow for everyone following the crossing to remain up to date with the boat’s progress.

Future mockups for the remaining pages of the GUI will include the debugging and about pages.  The debugging page will allow users during testing to view the raw data logs that the boat sends to our servers over GSM. In the past having this extra information has been an integral part of our testing process. The about page will provide visitors with more information about our boat and its features. We plan to start development as soon as a design is finalized.  We will appreciate any comments and suggestions on the current design, and any ideas on how we can make our transatlantic boat GUI better. Send all comments to


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