Visiting Zaber Technologies

(from right) Tyler, Tobias, and Rajat visiting the Zaber team

(from right) Tyler, Tobias, and Rajat visiting the Zaber team

by Karry Ocean

Back in November, our electrical lead – Tyler Jones – with electrical team members – Tobias Kreykenbohm and Rajat Dixit – and co-captain – Karry Ocean – visited Zaber Technologies in Vancouver. Zaber produces high quality, reliable and incredibly capable motion control products. When Lana Rupp, a mechanical design engineer at Zaber, very kindly invited us on a tour and expressed interest in our project, we were obviously thrilled.

When we first arrived we were warmly greeted by Zaber employees and a very friendly dog on the first floor. Shortly, we were led up to their facilities on the third floor and into a conference room. Honestly, were quite taken back by the amount of interest our project had gathered at their company! Soon enough we had a full room of engineers all intending to assist us with our rudder motor. I could tell Tobias was beginning to get a bit nervous with so many engineers surrounding him with questions, but he proved capable of holding his own. Eventually, with the help of Zaber’s knowledgeable and passionate engineers, we confirmed some of our specifications and further developed our motor design.

Zaber offered to review our final motor design and even offered to sponsor us the components! The assistance of Zaber has been really incredible and just their overwhelming interest in our project is so appreciated!


Once business was taken care of, our group was taken around for a tour of Zaber`s facilities. What amazed us the most was how much was taken care of in-house! Component design, testing, programming and even some manufacturing were all performed by the engineers in their building. It was also clear how passionate all the employees were about their work at Zaber.

Zaber Technologies is located at 1777 West 75th Avenue, Vancouver. They plan to expand in the near future, with a possible move to a larger facility. This means they`re looking to hire, and are welcome to applications!



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