How You Can Help

SailBot onwater with Vancouver in background

how you can help

Following a run of consecutive first place finishes in the International Robotic Sailing Regatta, we realized we had the capacity, as a team, to overcome bigger, harder challenges. Thus, we’ve decided to design a robotic sailboat capable of sailing the Atlantic Ocean completely autonomously. This will be the boldest and most radical project our team has tackled – if we are successful, it will be the first time for an autonomous sailboat to complete such a feat.We greatly need your support as we proceed through this endeavor. Our team will be tasked with developing an innovative composite boat structure, a low power consumption electronics package, efficient software logic that includes obstacle avoidance, and a high energy density battery system coupled with solar energy regeneration. These cutting edge technologies will propel our team and UBC towards the future of innovation and towards a world record autonomous sailing voyage across the Atlantic Ocean in 2015.

company sponsorships

Your company can help us in any of several ways, including cash donations, or in-kind support in the way of materials or manufacturing aid. Any donation will be graciously accepted, and will seriously assist in the success of our project.  In recognition of your support, we will highlight your company both online, on print, on special sponsor highlight blog-post, and last but not least… on the sails of our groundbreaking autonomous sailboat. Read more in our Sponsorship Package by clicking the image below.

Sponsorship package 2014-2015 banner

personal donation

UBC SailBot have set up an official donation feature through UBC’s Start an Evolution donation website. This will make it possible for you as a donor to receive a tax receipt from UBC for your donation. To make a donation, please click the DONATE NOW button below.

Donate to UBC SailBot - Start an Evolution


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