Who We Are

team setting up TB13

who we are

The people behind the UBC SailBot team are a diverse and extraordinary group of students at the University of British Columbia. With support from industry mentor and yacht designer Don Martin these students design, manufacture, test, and race high-performance robotic sailboats.

Some of people behind UBC SailBot: David Tiessen, Robert Gage, Alexander Kroitzsch, Kristoffer Vik Hansen, Josh Andrews, and Rajat Dixit.

With the experience, work ethic and teamwork we have developed, we are confident we have the necessary tools to delve into the Microtransat Challenge, a project that will certainly impact research and application in fields like marine robotics, energy efficiency and composite materials (to mention a few) at a global scale. Our research and design therefore holds the potential to benefit diverse governmental, military and industrial interests.

Our work has not gone unnoticed by the local, national and international media. We have been featured by The Vancouver Sun, CBC (tv and radio), Wired Magazine, and Sailing World Magazine. We have also been mentioned in a Reddit thread that generated over ten thousand views in 2 days. Through this thread the team received feedback from people all over the world expressing their excitement for UBC Engineering.

Adrian showing off our Thunderbird 2012 to CBC Television.

Adrian showing off our Thunderbird 2012 to CBC Television.

contact us

If you have any questions, tips, or requests, please contact us on captain@ubcsailbot.org

team roster

These are the people behind UBC SailBot:

Team Sub Team First Name Last Name
Co-Captain Admin Kristoffer Vik Hansen
Co-Captain Technical Karry Ocean
Team Mentor Don Martin
Mechanical Lead Hull Shell Adrian Granchelli
Mechanical Lead Mechanical Lead David Tiessen
Mechanical Lead Keel Neil Dobie
Electronics Team Lead Tyler Jones
Software Lead Team Lead Josh Andrews
Health and Safety Serena Ramley
Social Media Ivana Litaveez
Logistics Muieen Cader
Treasurer Alex Beacham
Electronics Sensor Carley Schwartz
Electronics Sensor Ellinor Crux
Electronics Communication Jamie Lee
Electronics Motor Rajat Dixit
Electronics Motor Tobias Kreykenbohm
Electronics Power Tu Anh Le
Power Systems Co-Lead Neil Roberts
Power Systems Co-Lead William Wright
Software Route Making Yasmeen Akbari
Software Route Making Rodrigo Blaustein
Software GUI, Sailor Arek Sredzki
Software Control Josh Baker
Software IO/Hardware Daniel Kim
Software Control Andrew Hollister
Software IO/Hardware David Baldwin
Software TB2013 Bryan Luu
Software GUI Eleanor Wong
Software Control Andrew Bowers
Mechanical Deck and Hardware Gabriel Lessard-Kragen
Mechanical Rig Alexander Kroitzsch
Mechanical Rudder and Skeg Robert Gage
Mechanical Hull Interior Jian Lik Ng
Mechanical Hull Interior Eric Wang
Mechanical Hull Interior Jordan Wong
Mechanical Keel Madie Melcer
Mechanical Hull Interior Jacob Soleway
Mechanical Impact Mitigation Matt Sullivan
Mechanical Impact Mitigation Corey Monteith
Mechanical Rudder and Skeg Josh Hung
Mechanical Sadaf Sheikh Zeinoddini
Mechanical Michael Schnetzler
Also a special thank you to Mayara Benedetti for creating the UBC SailBot logo and for assisting greatly in writing strong, successful sponsorship applications.